I got banned for litteraly nothing and also i just got instant 14 day ban pls fix this

So i played with my friend and it was a ranked, then after the game it random pops up that i have been banned and i was like what did i do? bcs i had done nothing wrong.. then i send a ticket to riot support that told me these log were unsportsmanlike: [0:38] MasQ (Rammus): Ezreal dia last season? [1:08] MasQ (Rammus): Nice [1:27] MasQ (Rammus): 2hardtofaii [5:11] MasQ (Rammus): Veig care [8:10] [All] MasQ (Rammus): %%% ;D [8:32] [All] MasQ (Rammus): Rammus makes you %%% ;D [8:53] MasQ (Rammus): ohhh [8:58] MasQ (Rammus): get outta the way [10:33] MasQ (Rammus): no [10:35] MasQ (Rammus): Dont [10:42] MasQ (Rammus): You got it late man [11:02] MasQ (Rammus): Late game [11:25] MasQ (Rammus): nice [11:33] MasQ (Rammus): ;D [11:51] MasQ (Rammus): Gj [12:00] MasQ (Rammus): Ty Veig ;D [12:53] MasQ (Rammus): they will just follow him [13:08] MasQ (Rammus): i told you bot... [13:27] MasQ (Rammus): gj Ez [16:53] MasQ (Rammus): You say? you focussed their supp [17:19] MasQ (Rammus): Cant report me for nothing [19:38] MasQ (Rammus): AHAHHAAH [19:39] [All] MasQ (Rammus): AHAHAH [19:42] [All] MasQ (Rammus): gj nid [21:46] MasQ (Rammus): elo? [21:48] MasQ (Rammus): leo? [22:08] [All] MasQ (Rammus): N [22:11] MasQ (Rammus): NICE GUYS [24:54] MasQ (Rammus): is she coming back= [24:55] MasQ (Rammus): ? [26:42] [All] MasQ (Rammus): katint? [30:58] [All] MasQ (Rammus): gg ez [31:04] [All] MasQ (Rammus): ggwp I can see that a person in my team wanted to report me and i said for what? then i got banned bcs of it and i helped our Veigar in the game bcs he was tilted, i think this is a bug also i didnt say to him he should %%% i was playing Rammus as you can read. I wrote some tickets to riot support and they didnt help me and they said it was toxic whitch i didnt get banned for? And now a few days after i login and now i cant even get in bcs it says that im perma banned so it must be a bug pls fix this Riot and give me my honor lvl 3 back and my season 7 rewards. Kind regards Mads. Also why did i get the instant 14 day suspension? that must be a bug
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