So, behavior in Plat5 currently makes me wonder...

...why are so many of these people not only still playing, but not even restricted (Chat or Ranked)? Calling people "re\*ded", cancer whishes, report calling multiple times, homophobic and racial insults. I mean, this is not "Negative attitude" any more guys...what I see in every single game (and yes, I mean this literally), right now, is the hardest forms of toxicity, **the very things we were assured, by you, multiple times, that they will be dealt with quickly by the tribunal system.** --- Whats going on? Where are all these players coming from? I know I don't get a message every time I make a valid report, but isn't the entire system supposed to keep toxicity ewels low and make for an enjoyable experience? ---- You know whats funny? Right now, I get that experience...only not in preseason ranked. In normals...complete chill. Rarely a word spoken at all, and then its "gj" most of the time. So what's going on? Are all the chill players playing normals right now? Are all the Plat boosted toxics on the march to get spots for placement matches beause they know that they won't come back to plat any time soon next season? I know the tribunal system works, so whats the explanation for this statistically unusual observation of amassed toxicity in a certain ELO in ranked games?
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