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I made a discussion like this not so long ago and it got deleted, so i'll make one again. I won't give this discussion a proper title because people i'm going to be complaining about will just come here and ruin the thread, and it's most likely going to get deleted again. What i'm going to be saying in this thread is not racist, it's a fact. Most people on EUNE server know about a country that is within this server. Those countries would be Poland/Czech republic. I haven't seen what players from these countries do in high elo (Diamond+) and i don't think im going to be able to see what they're doing if i keep playing with them in my current elo (Platinum). Maybe not everyone sees this, or it isn't annoying them, but for a player, that already got tired of playing and trying to win every single game (rgm and aram too) for 5+ years it sure as hell is annoying me. I don't enjoy playing this game alone, except for soloq, and that's because of one same reason, when i play with friends, there's less chance that i'm going to end up playing with a player from countries mentioned above. And when i see ''PL'', ''CZ'' or weird letters next to each other in their names such as ''kz'', ''wz'', ''sz'' etc. i just dodge without questioning team comps or champion matchups, i just leave the champion select. But while playing with friends, and i see signs of those players i said above, i just play, because i don't want my friends to wait another 5-8 minutes just because i don't want to play with a player from Poland/Czech republic. Reasoning behind me hating those players isn't really that complicated. Most of them don't/can't even speak english, they're bad, they're toxic. I know that i shouldn't be the one saying someone else is toxic because i myself am toxic asf, but more on that later. Of course what i said doesn't include every single player playing this game. And if you haven't realized yet, a lot of memes are about Polish players being bad and saying ''kurwa'' a lot. I wouldn't have made this if it wasn't for player: ''FestFajneLoczki'' So i'm bored and i decide to play ranked flex with friends that i usually don't play with at all. Then when we got into champion select i saw his name, i saw the ''cz'' and instantly thought of ff-ing because i didn't want to leave and make my friends wait. First thing he does is hovers Thresh, and then bans Yasuo, champion my friend hovered as soon as we got into champion select. So my friend bans Thresh and my support end up being Pyke. We get into the game, Pyke tries to cheese alone and i'm forced to leash my jungler alone. Pyke end up losing 90% of the hp and i end up getting 3/6 creeps from the first wave. Then he expected me to play 1v2 as Kai'sa into Soraka/Lucian while he was away enough that he wasn't even getting the xp, when i was lvl 2 70%xp towards lvl3 he was still level 1. Then i start pinging him and he ends up walking into them and giving them a kill. Ok, whatever, i'm kinda used to playing 1v2. Then he comes back and is actually trying to take my cs, as Kai'sa i don't have enough as and dmg to outdamage his auto attacks so while i'm at 50 creeps at 8 minutes he's at 25. I end up begging the enemy team to report him but they really didn't care and i ended up playing 1v2 as he left bot lane. Only way for me to farm was under turret, but even then it was hard because of soraka's long range on q and silence. Somehow i end up getting fed but still being unable to do anything because i'm still 1v2 and can't just leave bot and go mid. As the game progressed, he continued trolling/inting/being bad and i ended up losing the game. By this i also wanted to give an example how 1 player can lose a game and 1 player can't win that same game. Another thing i wanted to talk about that doesn't have much to do with the discussion above: People complain about players being toxic. I haven't seen a player that's toxic just because he doesn't care. If you give me a normal team that knows what, how and when to do, i won't say a word for an entire game. But if there's 3 players doing things mentioned above, and one just thinking he's a better player than everyone else and doing whatever he wants, i'll be toxic until he leaves the game, because, as i said, after playing this game for a longer period of time you just get tired and stop caring about anything. That would be my current ''relationship'' with this game and the players playing it. I am aware that this discussion is pretty much pointless, and will do nothing to improve my league of legends experience, but i just want to see other people's opinion on such players. Btw sorry if my english is bad.

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