25 game chat ban after losing temper in a SINGLE game...?

ok guys so I admit to losing my temper a bit after having my teammates lose all lanes and harassing me... Like it was a single game. I had people tell me to get aids/cancer/kill myseld etc etc. I didn't do ANY of that. Judge for yourselves here is the entire chat log of that ONE game which is listed: Game 1 Anniehilat0r: duck you masterwork orrn items Anniehilat0r: duck oyu orrn Anniehilat0r: ffs Anniehilat0r: mb Anniehilat0r: ffs Anniehilat0r: ok open Anniehilat0r: open mid Anniehilat0r: they no listen Anniehilat0r: ori 4-0 Anniehilat0r: gg feed Anniehilat0r: idiots Anniehilat0r: afk. Anniehilat0r: bye bye Anniehilat0r: you gave her 3 kills in a row so stfu report Anniehilat0r: stfu no help. Anniehilat0r: noob Anniehilat0r: blitzcrank bm Anniehilat0r: SS Anniehilat0r: ? Anniehilat0r: ok Anniehilat0r: nice feed ff Anniehilat0r: i can pping all day you will ignore everything Anniehilat0r: like wtf Anniehilat0r: this team is full tilt Anniehilat0r: insane feed Anniehilat0r: i died 1 tiome to ori Anniehilat0r: ty Anniehilat0r: thank my team feed ori Anniehilat0r: look xd Anniehilat0r: ridiculous Anniehilat0r: nice Anniehilat0r: i just troll^^ Anniehilat0r: is gg Anniehilat0r: i gave up already Anniehilat0r: no more flame :) Anniehilat0r: this feed so sad Anniehilat0r: calll me bad for losing lane vs fed 4-0 ori 2 lvls ahead Anniehilat0r: i dont comprehend this elo lmfao Anniehilat0r: ? Anniehilat0r: izi Anniehilat0r: . Anniehilat0r: f Anniehilat0r: df Anniehilat0r: f Anniehilat0r: f Anniehilat0r: dgr Anniehilat0r: N Anniehilat0r: HN Anniehilat0r: hn Anniehilat0r: &SEX/CDRT(VZF)BUPINÜHOMP;Ü Anniehilat0r: FZT/PG Anniehilat0r: BV Anniehilat0r: BG Anniehilat0r: VB Anniehilat0r: VB Anniehilat0r: GBD Anniehilat0r: BVE Anniehilat0r: GHB Anniehilat0r: BVE Anniehilat0r: EGB Anniehilat0r: GFB Anniehilat0r: VDGFB Anniehilat0r: GF Anniehilat0r: FFS Anniehilat0r: FFS Anniehilat0r: ! Anniehilat0r: lmao Anniehilat0r: cuz7 ur bad af. Anniehilat0r: tibbers is LCS Anniehilat0r: YES WAY Anniehilat0r: cyas Anniehilat0r: kdis Anniehilat0r: kids Anniehilat0r: ? Anniehilat0r: EZ TLDR: I personally don't think this is ban-worthy. Everyone ahs a bad game from time to time and I was receiving HONORS from teammates many times including during my chat ban. If this is called extreme toxicity then is there a way to disable chat at all times? At this point I feel like even trying to use chat at all WILL get you banned. I DO NOT support super toxic players who flame the team etc. but 1/10 games I just lose it if people harass me and stuff :/ P.S. yes, definitely not the best chat behaviour ever, but give me a chance to improve at least!! Looks like automated "/mute all" at the beginning of every game is the only way to not get banned...
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