Are you %%%%ing kidding me Riot???

So i get teamed up with one %%%%%%ed team after another, i drop 5 ranks in 1 day because of all these fkn %%%%%%ed players you set me up with. Then i get in 2 games that i dont get helped with jungle and they even steal my blue and red at start and for telling them they are %%%%%%ed i get banned??? If i really get a ban for this you can go fck your whore mothers you piece of shit riot staff. ARE YOU FKN KIDDING ME????????? Game 1 KurogamiEsper: i dont need bronze %%%s to believe me KurogamiEsper: i just need you not to feed like %%%s KurogamiEsper: %%%nasus KurogamiEsper: come help blue KurogamiEsper: this is what i mean KurogamiEsper: i take blye KurogamiEsper: and feed it to top KurogamiEsper: first and only gank to KurogamiEsper: top KurogamiEsper: see KurogamiEsper: that piece of shit didnt help KurogamiEsper: and dies already KurogamiEsper: yes so he should not feed KurogamiEsper: says the noob with 21% KurogamiEsper: my jungle is already fck with no help at start KurogamiEsper: i lose both farms in river KurogamiEsper: stfu KurogamiEsper: how is it my fault?? KurogamiEsper: im behind you fkn noob KurogamiEsper: because of nausus the fkn feeder KurogamiEsper: not if im oom KurogamiEsper: and all abilities on cd KurogamiEsper: let me guess KurogamiEsper: my fault aswell KurogamiEsper: that one aswell i guess KurogamiEsper: still im at fault? KurogamiEsper: you did at start KurogamiEsper: ffs KurogamiEsper: useless nasus and roaming panth KurogamiEsper: yes because of the roam KurogamiEsper: i can easy 1 vs 1 him KurogamiEsper: and maybe help jungle duh KurogamiEsper: nasus didnt KurogamiEsper: just ff KurogamiEsper: this is a wait of time KurogamiEsper: we are 4 vs 5 KurogamiEsper: and you are also not so good KurogamiEsper: maybe KurogamiEsper: but i can play KurogamiEsper: how do i do that KurogamiEsper: i didnt get helped KurogamiEsper: because i know you are shit KurogamiEsper: so i just say it as it is KurogamiEsper: so you blame me for lack of skill? KurogamiEsper: im not doing better? KurogamiEsper: i get a crap start because i get 0 help KurogamiEsper: and still i come back KurogamiEsper: and this nasus is as good ? ahahahahahah KurogamiEsper: so varus KurogamiEsper: you say that we all deserve to lose? KurogamiEsper: that is greefing KurogamiEsper: and reportable KurogamiEsper: so ill be reporting you and nasus KurogamiEsper: toxic is your opinion KurogamiEsper: and subjective KurogamiEsper: that you suck and dont help is objective KurogamiEsper: yes KurogamiEsper: because i look your history KurogamiEsper: and see that you suck KurogamiEsper: so i asked you KurogamiEsper: if you remember KurogamiEsper: not to feed KurogamiEsper: and to help KurogamiEsper: what did you guys do? KurogamiEsper: no help KurogamiEsper: and feed KurogamiEsper: yes tresh helped me 1x KurogamiEsper: but that was after i was behind KurogamiEsper: they dont help me at start or ever KurogamiEsper: and when i say we lose because of it im flaming guys KurogamiEsper: see that KurogamiEsper: they say they dont care, but cry when they lose.,,, KurogamiEsper: so when i say they are stupid and useless then they cry... KurogamiEsper: logic... Game 2 KurogamiEsper: wtf KurogamiEsper: why do you pick him then??? KurogamiEsper: we have only ad KurogamiEsper: fckkkkkkkk KurogamiEsper: cun KurogamiEsper: fck this KurogamiEsper: i go afk KurogamiEsper: yuou steal my blue KurogamiEsper: fkn %%%%%% KurogamiEsper: i go feed KurogamiEsper: bye KurogamiEsper: report bot for stealing my blue KurogamiEsper: i just keep feeding KurogamiEsper: you fkn %%%%%%ed %%%%s KurogamiEsper: red and blue stolen KurogamiEsper: because of this fkn %%%%s KurogamiEsper: i just keep walking bot and die KurogamiEsper: they steal my blue KurogamiEsper: then ww steals my red KurogamiEsper: what you want from me?? KurogamiEsper: yep KurogamiEsper: bot steals my blue and farm KurogamiEsper: no blue no red jungle start KurogamiEsper: and still they flame me KurogamiEsper: and they flame me KurogamiEsper: i dont want free win KurogamiEsper: i wanted to jungle KurogamiEsper: not to have my jungle stolen by my own team KurogamiEsper: then have my red stolen KurogamiEsper: because noone helps KurogamiEsper: so yeah KurogamiEsper: i want free win for the other team now KurogamiEsper: yes are you fkn noob KurogamiEsper: this is ranked and you steal my fkn blue KurogamiEsper: see again ww take my blue KurogamiEsper: while bot just watches KurogamiEsper: you think i get a ban for 1 crap game with fkn %%%%%%s? KurogamiEsper: im streaming KurogamiEsper: i get 0 help after all my buffs are stolen KurogamiEsper: so i think you get a ban for flaming me KurogamiEsper: stealing is not help KurogamiEsper: im fkn lvl 1 KurogamiEsper: and cant take farm KurogamiEsper: noone helps KurogamiEsper: ww takes all my buffs KurogamiEsper: bot takes my buffs KurogamiEsper: so yeah KurogamiEsper: fck this KurogamiEsper: see KurogamiEsper: not your problem ahahah KurogamiEsper: oke so me being lvl 1 is not a problem right KurogamiEsper: this is my second account KurogamiEsper: im silver on this one KurogamiEsper: plat on other KurogamiEsper: so dont tell me how to play KurogamiEsper: ww would you keep playing after your own bot steals your blue and farm? KurogamiEsper: learn to type noob KurogamiEsper: im not even flaming KurogamiEsper: i ask for help but noone helps KurogamiEsper: they say its not their problem KurogamiEsper: not steal my fkn blue KurogamiEsper: see KurogamiEsper: they see it happen but dont care KurogamiEsper: thank botlane KurogamiEsper: they want to fck my game up KurogamiEsper: so yeah then you get this KurogamiEsper: see KurogamiEsper: plz report bot KurogamiEsper: report you and naut yes Game 3 KurogamiEsper: gang%%% KurogamiEsper: come help blue KurogamiEsper: ty KurogamiEsper: pff KurogamiEsper: under 3 min KurogamiEsper: fck off man KurogamiEsper: ffs KurogamiEsper: are all fkn %%%%%%ed? KurogamiEsper: stfu you fkn noob KurogamiEsper: you just go in to die %%%get KurogamiEsper: i even ping KurogamiEsper: you have no fkn brain? KurogamiEsper: wtf man KurogamiEsper: on cd KurogamiEsper: amd why is tresh there KurogamiEsper: feeding yi? KurogamiEsper: fizz and botlane really suck KurogamiEsper: fkmn %%%% KurogamiEsper: why take my farm KurogamiEsper: report tresh KurogamiEsper: for afk and troll KurogamiEsper: stfu ffizz KurogamiEsper: you are fkn useless KurogamiEsper: this is a ranked game you whorechild KurogamiEsper: this is for rank not fun KurogamiEsper: go play normal for fun you %%%get KurogamiEsper: yes i do KurogamiEsper: i hope all your friends and family die of cancer fiz KurogamiEsper: stfu you %%%% KurogamiEsper: i need to def that tower because all you do is feed KurogamiEsper: and run KurogamiEsper: like a fkn %%%% KurogamiEsper: see KurogamiEsper: very nice 0-5 KurogamiEsper: plz report fizz for feeding, he just keeps feeding and saying it doesnt matter because this is a fame KurogamiEsper: ganks lol KurogamiEsper: you mean come to feed KurogamiEsper: shut up noob KurogamiEsper: im not so fkn bad as you are to die KurogamiEsper: mannnnn yi is too fed man KurogamiEsper: this fizz fed him like crazy KurogamiEsper: 0-6 no no??? KurogamiEsper: you are fkn useless KurogamiEsper: go play another game KurogamiEsper: then play normal KurogamiEsper: so what you old %%%g KurogamiEsper: fkn gankplank KurogamiEsper: why dont you help me get away KurogamiEsper: you are all fkn whorechildren KurogamiEsper: ahahahah KurogamiEsper: 4-4 carring my ass KurogamiEsper: sure KurogamiEsper: sure noob KurogamiEsper: fizz KurogamiEsper: dont play ranked ever again
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