Identifying as a female in League and other games

I read a thread recently by a female about flaming to which the flaming she had received was gender specific. Honestly it was a good thread it was written well and obeyed the boards rules when making threads about that kind of topic (something which I rather struggle with). The point she made was good and while I might argue you have a mute button please just use it, it does me fine. That's not entirely the best argument because it's kind of like saying if you smell bad just cover your nose instead of having a wash, she's completely right when she asks that Riot goes for the throat with this problem not simply offer temporary fixes. With that said, that's not actually what I wanted to discuss. If you look at the replies of the thread you might expect to see a number replies to be similar to what I just wrote, arguments about muting and moving on. This is not the case however because the majority of the replies were on the lines of "Another girl seeking attention again" and "20+ likes and 100+ replies, it's sad you get so much attention for being a girl". Now before I continue I want to just say this. I hate finding threads by girls on the recruitment side of things that are written as pure bait for weak minded guys with titles like "Girl gamer looking for some guy friends to play with ;)". Not only did she include that she's female in the title she had the audacity to include a damn winky face, that b****. If you look at the thread in question however the title gives no inclination to the gender of the player. The only thing you can reliably guess from the title is that it's about toxicity and flaming yet people want to condemn her like the aforementioned girls for attention seeking all the same. Why do they do this? Because her name has "Miss" in it. I've come across more guys with gender identifiable names that I could possibly remember. Does that mean they're attention seeking as well? Most of you are going to answer that no and correctly as well. Some people like including Mr in their name others like including Miss, some people like King in their name others like Queen (For all you know it might be a guy who likes the band!). The act of these alone of these alone being deemed as attention seeking is pathetic to me. People hate SJW's because they mindlessly jump to the defence of people who don't need it and to me it is equally annoying when people immediately jump to hating on others for something as simple as having a gender identifying name. For all of those people out there who do this because they hate all the people who give them attention because they're female just remember by doing something that aggressively points out the attention they are getting on threads you are becoming one of those people who gives them attention because they're female, in short you are the thing you hate so much. A link to the thread in question P.S. Just to clarify this was an excuse to talk about the subject not to defend the author of the thread in question. I'm sure she's doing just fine.
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