are you serious RIOT!

I had to restart in a middle of the game due to FPS spikes I try to log back into the game and It would not let me and now I have a 20 min ban for 5 games when this is the first time I have left a game in over a year you can see that i tried to reconnect multiple times as I logged into the client about 5 times and you don't see that shit. screw you %%%%ing %%%%%%s. your screwing over genuin players. %%%% your shitty little game. I have already stopped playing the last 2 season and only play with friends. your game has become a joke. I am a diamond player playing in silver that should give you some insight into how shit and childish your game has become and that I dont give a flying %%%%, catering to little babys They want this game to become like my little pony and care bears.
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