What do you think about this (forced) anti-flaming-concept?

Hey everyone :) First off, english is not my primary language, so I hope it won't hurt too much to read this ;) I've been playing League for about 6 years now and I really like the game, however I absolutly can't stand this aggressive (ingame)-community. This is the main reason why I never bothered with ranked games. Compared to normal games the unacceptable behaviour is even worse there. I have to admit though, that the behaviour of LoL-players has gotten a bit better over the last years, but that's sadly not true for every game. I don't want to write a long essay about this, so I'll keep it short and simple: League is a **TEAM-game**, not a 1vs1 game, you can't ignore your teammates/do your own stuff for the most part of the game, just to flame them for mistakes. You should go help your teammates instead (espicially if you think you are way better then them) and so on. You probably all know what I mean. League is a team-game, so you should act like it. So I've been thinking about the following concept for some years now and would like to hear your opinions on it: 1. There should be an (automatic) system that analyses the ingame chat during the game. If a player writes [bad language] (even inappropriate stuff like "noob", "easy", etc.) his whole team looses instantly. 2. The flamer gets an automatic 24h ban. Also he is marked as a "flamer" for the next 15+ games. If he flames again, his penalty will be a lot worse. Also no ranked games for players that are marked as "flamers". (maybe more penalties for flaming in a ranked game, instant de-ranking etc.) 3. All other teammates get no penalty (the game does not count for them) My point is, there should be instant feedback for bad behaviour. I know that this system is not perfect, it's a bit hard to implement (the bad language catalogue/detection for example), it could also be exploited to some extend, but you all should get the idea. What do you think about this concept?, what are the chances Riot reads this thread? :D
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