Champselect Behaviour + Position Change Idea

Hey Community :) more and more I have to realize people flame and troll already in champselect. Just today I had a guy in my team that asked for jungle but got declined and still picked it. The actual jungler also picked jungle and the other guy began to flame him with things like "%%%; inbred; %%%%%% etc.". Riot gave you a position and if nobody gives you theirs you must play it. I don't even know whats the mindset behind this that this guy even flames the one that did nothing wrong and just picked his position. Problem: We couldn't report him because it happened in champselect and somebody left for our own good. --> The player doesn't get banned. Just a few champselects later I got somebody flaming to the hardest just for no reason already. I made screenshots of it: **[removed for naming & shaming]** Same problem again, somebody was so friendly and left the champselect but we couldn't report him. Lets get to a point though, I don't just want to flame people that flame in champselect :D there should be a sense in this post. So for me there are two options to deny this: 1st: Let us swap roles in champselect like we can swap champs at the end of it or in arams. So one MUST play his role or like leaverbuster detects afk there could be another program that detects the person that doesn't play the position he got assigned. I imagine it like this: Before somebody has locked in you can click on a "trade position" symbol and the other person gets the request and can either accept or decline just like it is with championtrading. 2nd: Let us report in champselect. Easy as that we should report in champselect and tribunal should be able to see the chatlog of it, because it normally just shows ingame chatlog. I don't know if it is possible to do that or if it can be abused too much, but maybe if 4 players report one the system could also kick the player out of the champselect and gives him either a time-punishment or anything else so he doesn't get matched again with these guys. There can be special report reasons for champselect as well like: "Doesn't play assigned role", "verbal Harrasment" or maybe even "wants to troll". I have just made this up and I hope there aren't that many english mistakes in it as well, but I hope you guys get my point and try to improve the overall championselect behaviour. Since we can't mute people in champselect we need to deal with it as good as we can. Best Regards Curion
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