Bug/Summoners code in post game chat

So it's a bad game, things happened, the jungler and I weren't happy with one another and then we lost, that's fine I understand the process and got a bit tilted and put the whole thing behind me. Then the mid laner let's loose and just starts flaming everyone. I blatantly ignore him. Now the following conversation has occurred because I childishly accepted the friend request he sent. Please note he has unfriended me now, but we have these long walls of text where he messages me, but I can't reply because, I'm in game, then I respond and he can't respond because he's in game. (If you try to message someone who's not on your friends list in game it won't let the message send but if you are out of game it's cool with it - weird I know) Partly I'm posting this here because I find the whole thing funny, partly because we should probably not be able to contact each other if not on one anothers friends list #bug report, also because I'm not 100% sure what I have done is wrong, as I don't think I'm flaming him, baiting him to keep going maybe but yeah, opinions. This is mostly out of game chat and I don't have recordings of in game and post game chat Other Guy: how much for that account morg ? 5 quid ? Me: thanks for the add I love you too honey so anyway Other Guy: can i buy your account ? Me: I was thinking romantic get away you and me picnic by the beach ya'know Other Guy: sorry t w a t Me: something special Other Guy: i dont date trolls Me: I can look into your gorgeous blue eyes and we can melt into one together Other Guy: nice change of topic drive away from the fact that you troll Me: just the though of caressing your sweet brown hair Other Guy: and boosted your way to plat Me: honestly you drive me wild with passion and those sweet words that fall from your lips Other Guy: how long have you been trolling and seducing them ? Me: my god I could just Other Guy: 1 year ? Me: no I won't I can't stay in our torrid love affair Other Guy: this is just pathetic Me: you are too beautiful for me to call my own I Other Guy: talk like a man about your troll :D Me: I just want you to be happy so please go into the wind Other Guy: but hey, there is always a chance to be completely ignorance i guess Me: one day we will be together again my love but until then I just want to tell you Other Guy: plat 4 =)) Me: your azir plays are mediocre :P ciao biatch Other Guy: comin from the guy who has the least dmg least assist i take that as a compliment of my skills oh btw, honey, care to give me your booster number ? want to know how he got this account to plat HEY T W A T IM CALLING YOU Me: oh wow your still going this is unexpected well err Other Guy: GIVE ME YOUR DAMN BOOSTER NUMBER Me: wanna join a pirate crew we sail in three days there be booty and plunder ahead but only for those who's soul are firm and true will you stay your hand, or tempt fate by plunging into the fires gold and booty rubys the size of islands I tell you quick come forth with me we shall pillage and plunder till there's naught left in the world a man could want WHAT SAY YOU SIR!!!! A man that would turn down such an offer is truely a curr I wish naught but curses upon your voyages ye skallywag and might Poseidon drown your accursed voyage, for we shall make port at Nazir before you and have all the wealth it holds and you shall rue your decision you wretched dog Other Guy: you are bad xD flamer 0 skill biggest piece of ego i ever met in my life I ASK YOU ONE MORE TIME GIVE ME YOUR BOOSTER NUMBER come on, answered me :D Me: oh darling if I gave you my number how would we ever stop talking to each other no we mustn't our lives must go on without one another forever lacking each others presence how did we find ourselves this way darling was it the moonlight twinkling out our names in the heavens or your sweet caress beneath the pale and crescent moon I too long, no burn for you my heart my ssould <--- I suck at typing my soul8 <--- I suck at typing my flame but this candle must be left to linger to flicker out quietly in the night if only that we might appreciate those same stars that once shone our names amongst the heaven, just a little more for being all the brighter now go my most deepest and fluent of lovers lest thine tongue doth write me in to a worrying dizziness that which I might not recover we must go now but know you are forever in my heart my burning passion my flame forever yours xx
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