About punishment and seasonal rewards.

Hey there, fellow summoners, I created this post because I wanted to discuss the way Riot handled last year's seasonal rewards with punishments. The way they did it is that if you happened to have a 7 day (or more) ban 3 months prior to the end of the season, you wouldn't be eligible for the seasonal reward. Meaning that if you got a ban at that time, you would get punished way harder than people that got banned before that. Say, someone has had two of their accounts permabanned this season, got their third account to plat 3, got a 14 day ban on it already but it was before the threshold, they would still be able to get the rewards. If you look at it like that, this system is actually very unfair as you can punish people way harder simply because of the moment they got their ban, not for the scale of their toxicity. Riot has not yet confirmed the way they will handle it this season so they might do it entirely different this time. Now, why this interests me is because I recently got a 14 day ban. Now you might be thinking, that's one step away from a permaban so I must be extremely toxic. The most toxic I get is saying stuff like "Wow, I bet even your own parents wouldn't come to your birthday party. You're very unpleasant to be around, you know." when someone is for example flaming the entire team non-stop (Enemies included) or asking someone "hey, how many refunds do you have left?" when they are playing very poorly. If they ask me why I asked it I would tell them "Just wondering, I have none" and wouldn't further insult them. If they get upset I'd explain it's a joke and tell them that if they practice enough, I'm sure that you'll become really good at <insert champion>." I respond like that because it's meant as a joke, not an insult. "Well, how did you get banned then? I call bullshit, you're jsut crying because you are super really toxic and can't accept that you are wrong!!!" I have never gotten a warning yet, so the 14 day ban kind of came as a surprise to me. When I sent in a ticket asking as to why the ban was so long, they explained that they have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, meaning that if you get punished for hate speech, it will instantly be a 14 day ban. Now, before you start yelling I'm a Nazi, I'll explain why I got banned for that. In my last game on the banned account my team was kind of stomping the enemy and they seemed rather frustrated. So we constantly got nasty remarks and were flamed by them. We didn't really retialate much but near the end of the game I kind of got tired of their nonesense. They were Spanish, I think, because their grammar was rather very poor. I can't remember what they sad but it was a sentence consisting of three parts. One part was there twice. I kinda wanted to return their childish act so I said "%%% %%% %%%" which was using the same grammar they did. I did not mean to insult them, though. I was jsut being childish in return. This is considered hate speech, and I understand that. After they told me this, I completely understand why I got the 14 day ban and not a warning. I should have been more careful. It was very stupid on my part. I usually try to be positive, if someone makes a bad play and they say "sry" I tell them it's ok. If someone else flames them I ask my teammate if they could calm down because I don't think they deserve to be flamed. If someone tells me I suck or that I am useless, I usually respond with "Sure" or "alright" or worst case scenario: "Well, you've been playing like crap yourself, so I don'tt hink you should be flaming us..." If they actually played very well I simply apologize for playing bad and ask if they could calm down a little. Or I just mute them. I really dislike muting people because other people will respond to what they say, leaving me wondering what has been said. It's very frustrating to me. Hence I did not mute the enemy in that game. Some teammates were responding to them and I'd get frustrated wanting to know what was being said. I'm not saying that I SHOULD get them, I just don't want to get an extra punishment jsut because I got banned now. It'd be more fair to not take bans in account when handing out the rewards or just don't give it to anyone that has gotten a ban this season. Simply punishing people harder because they got banned at the wrong time is kind of.. I don't know. Mean? Unfair? Since we have already gotten our punishment. I didn't create this post to get "Just don't get banned, simple xd." but to actually discuss the system they used last season. Do you think it's fair that you can get punished way harder simply because of the moment you got banned and nto because of the scale of toxicity that you have displayed? If yes, feel free to explain why you think it's completely fair, if not, please also share your opinion. I created this post to start a discussiong and I doubt that it will happen, but maybe it could get enough attention to help Riot with their decision. Again, **It is not yet confirmed whether Riot will use the same system as last year, please keep that in mind!** tl;dr I recently got a 14 day ban, not necessarily because I am super toxic, just because I am stupid with my choice of words and used a no-go word. If Riot decides to use the same seasonal rewards system as last year, this means I might not get my rewards whereas other people that could have been way, way, way more toxic than I have been can still get theirs, simply because I got banned at the wrong time.
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