The game is great, people are not.

I am not trying to lift my penalty here. Just wanted to say how disappointed I am. Almost to the point of quitting the game. Why are toxic players being protected by this system and I get a chat restriction when I defend myself from those toxic creatures who happen to flame for no good reason instead of trying to win the game? Replying "%%%% off" or something similar to a number of unnecessary insults is really that toxic? And all those insults towards me are perfectly fine? Please start taking into consideration that chat is not between me and myself. It is between atleast 2 people. So please do punish ALL OF THE OFFENDERS, not the one trying to defend him/herself. Edit: And oh yeah, the funny thing is... Reading instant feedback system FAQ there's this thing: "Players who are found to be causing a negative game experience are then punished within 15 minutes of the games end." Well, two players caused my negative game experience. I would like to see them get punished. But nope, it will never happen. Oh and guess what, one of them even wished for my death after the game. How can this be tolerated? I would never even think about wishing that to someone.
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