So its Friday night and me and my friend want to play some ranked games, its just been our GCSE'S so we can finally relax and have some fun. No more revision till our A levels. We start queuing up for a game and we find one being so happy because we can just chill now and don't have to worry about anything,Until we find a 3 premade troll team so join and put in chat as soon as we get in they say " hahahahah we troll you lose 20 lp" now seeing this we see if they choose decent champs. We waited till there last pick and they chose troll champs so we ended up backing out so we lost 5 LP instead of 20. Really what needs to happen if these people get caught doing this there accounts should get banned for at least 2 weeks or you keep an eye on them and give them the 20 minute wait time whilst queuing so they waste there time or even better send them back to 0 LP in there current rank. check the gyazo if you don't believe me.
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