Got banned for quoting a guy who called me "nigg"

I was playing a game where my mid laner Ziggs made a bad play and that led to me and the top laner getting killed, I told him "dude you Fworded us so hard" (pretty figurative i know) to which he told me to shut up and called me female dog word, so i went in /all chat and quoted him there, asked people to report him, so he called me "nigg" so I went to all chat again and said: "this guy called me the N-word, report him he's so toxic"(but I spelled the whole word) so he stated he's gonna report me for typing in the N-word, and regardless of the context I will get banned, I did not believe that and thought that even if i got into trouble due to a automatic response to key words in chat loggs, I can just contact support and they will fix it, since even tho I typed in the N-bomb twice, the context clearly shows it was not as an insult and I was just calling out the guy that called me that. Little did I know, first got an automatic.response with the same generic stuff that I already know and with the chat loggs that I received with the ban. Then talked to a polite guy who had read the loggs but told me they were just support and couldn't lift the ban or fix my 3 to 0 honour level. And the last guy just straight up wasn't familiar with the case, was talking about homophobic slurs and chat restriction, which had nothing to do with my case, so I'm typing in here with hope that I will get an actual human being and also a riot employee with the authority to fix unjust punishments to honestly look into the situation give me his honest opinion and at least fix my honour, the 14 days no league are not that big of a deal, but hitting my honour really hurts especially when I feel kike the victim here. I'm putting in here the chat loggs. And I know I'm quite tilted there and it shows and I used couple of 'F-words' and 'shits', but if you pay attention you'll see it's just used for exclamation: "F-word-ing shit" "omfg" "you F-worded us real hard". And never use such phraseology to directly attack anyone being teammate or opponent. Here are the loggs, the second game is the last one I have played and the one i got banned for immediately on ending it. Something that might matter is in the first game I was playing with 3 or 4 premades, and I fed my ass off, I lost lane so hard he was towerdiving me like nothing and got my tower before 13 min, I was crying for help and was big part of why we lost the game, I ate at least 3-4 reports from this game and in the ban description it said I got reported 6 times in last 8 games. Pre Game Lobby: Hàrbinger: if you gonna playyasuo bot at least get something with knowck up In Game: Hàrbinger: he allins me on sight Hàrbinger: i cnat laner Hàrbinger: mate i9 need help Hàrbinger: he just goes in and chunks me fot 50% Hàrbinger: like ity's nothing Hàrbinger: and he loses 1/3 that he regens right back with the Hàrbinger: just come and kill him he all ins me all the time Hàrbinger: it should be aeasy Hàrbinger: now sejuani ganked me...................... Hàrbinger: pls dont die Hàrbinger: MATE I AM NOT %%%%ING FEDING I CXANT LANE AGAINST HIM HE JUST STRAIGT UP WINS EVERY TRADE Hàrbinger: AND SEJUANIU GANKED ON TOP OF THAT Hàrbinger: JUST COME AND GANK Hàrbinger: DOES IT LOOK LIKE I HAVE ANY CANCE Hàrbinger: TO DO ANYTHING? [All]Hàrbinger: for what losing lane? [All]Hàrbinger: and nobody helping? [All]Hàrbinger: report : lost lane Hàrbinger: he just kills me over and over again Hàrbinger: under tower or not Hàrbinger: noi matter Hàrbinger: 1100 dmg in 2 sec Hàrbinger: 0 counterplay Hàrbinger: HE IS ON 100 hp Hàrbinger: COME ASLREADY Hàrbinger: why? Hàrbinger: its freeeeeeeee Hàrbinger: 4 peoppe to[p Hàrbinger: i try to apply pressure cause i cant do jack shjit anyways [All]Hàrbinger: stfu Hàrbinger: for what having a bad game? Hàrbinger: it's not int Hàrbinger: cause it's not intentiona Game 2138595424: Pre Game Lobby: Hàrbinger: it will be victor top Hàrbinger: probably In Game: Hàrbinger: invade? Hàrbinger: we have braum Hàrbinger: %%%% Hàrbinger: thgus shit Hàrbinger: zigs mat why Hàrbinger: and how Hàrbinger: you %%%%ed us in the ass Hàrbinger: literally Hàrbinger: it was easy 2 for 0 [All]Hàrbinger: report zigs for vberbal abuse thanks [All]Hàrbinger: he called me nitch and is toxic Hàrbinger: nice 3 deaths Hàrbinger: just wait [All]Hàrbinger: and now he calls me %%%%%% pls report super toxic zigs racist as %%%%l [All]Hàrbinger: nice try Hàrbinger: yeah surre i'm gonna get banned for you calling me %%%%%% Hàrbinger: you fed him well i'll admit that Hàrbinger: mate you givbe him free pass to roam Hàrbinger: and you didnt even try to help mer? Hàrbinger: yes i said that youi called me that same word Hàrbinger: whicjh is the absolute thuth Hàrbinger: same shit Hàrbinger: dude srsly Hàrbinger: just left me hanging Hàrbinger: shoulc have one for the ulty way early Hàrbinger: :/ Hàrbinger: and should have not gone for the drake without me Hàrbinger: well i had to i had almost 3k dold and it was wardet Hàrbinger: taht was mnoit worth Hàrbinger: at all [All]Hàrbinger: report zifgsd ty Game 2138209091: Hàrbinger: i needd help top; Hàrbinger: sjhe will back Hàrbinger: DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Hàrbinger: can you move faster Hàrbinger: i really thought you are comming' Hàrbinger: she killed me under tower? Hàrbinger: i cant even lane anym,ore Hàrbinger: i'm done Hàrbinger: she wil dive Hàrbinger: what? Hàrbinger: maybe you should back off? Hàrbinger: iunstead of reporting me? Hàrbinger: insted of comming to stal red from me why dpont you get an infernal Hàrbinger: in the meantime sylas ran from mid to smite the red off me Hàrbinger: we can't win vs 3 infernals Hàrbinger: you should have stayed mid Hàrbinger: and i would have ran Hàrbinger: and survived Hàrbinger: instead i stayed and died Hàrbinger: have you heard of splitpushing? Hàrbinger: what? Hàrbinger: want me to die Hàrbinger: how many drakes have you secured with the fed adc mate Hàrbinger: with the priority you had bot? Hàrbinger: wtf Hàrbinger: was that Hàrbinger: ashe just back the %%%%k off Hàrbinger: ffs [All]Hàrbinger: report sylas for being afk thanks [All]Hàrbinger: he dosent even push lanes or farm jungle he is just ask runing around doing nothing
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