Flaming when you're winning?

Title says it. Had games today where one player of the WINNING team went flaming throughout the game. They were all about "shitty enemy team u so bad" or "lol u guys so bad kill urself" and other stupid rubbish. And of course finishing off with "GG EZ NOOB TEAM" And i do have to ask myself: Why? You're already on the winning side. You're already getting what you want. Why on earth do you do that? Is your self-esteem so damn low you have to insult the losing team to feel any better? I'm not only talking about being flamed at but also my own teammates (which i also reported) You guys should be ashamed of yourself. It's a terrible attitude and you'd deserve an immediate permaban. {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} Be nice. There is no reason at all to do this. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything.
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