Worthy of a ban?

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A beautiful specimen of the League community. (All uncensored texts in the link- don't click if you don't want to see) A little bit of story if you want it, me and a couple of friends playing a normal game of league, one of them "Whoopsed" and took teleport on thresh support. It all played out when he teleported top lane to rescue Shen! Woohoo! Not for Yi... All caps > -Lots of swearing- why Thresh you worthless -Lots of swearing- Telling him to take a breather lead to a very nice response of slitting my throat followed by a term that I must say isn't my favourite nickname. One of my friends and a person we were playing with asked whether it was ok if they reported Yi...well, I'm sure you can guess this was taken well. I think that people like this shouldn't be able to get away with it and yet I feel that the after match report wont have any effect on this player and he will continue to do this in other peoples games. I have pretty thick skin as I'm sure most of you do however not everyone does and so it may not be taken as nothing to others. This seemed a little far for me and as much as I hate to say it I still don't feel like anything will be done about this guy and the others out there that continue to act like this, but here's hoping. Moose
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