Absolutely Digusting!!!!!

Game Starts. Dude invades enemy wolves at level 2, gets in trouble, then draw 2 other team mates to help . Game goes on, and he brags at how brilliant his mind is! Can you believe! Tries to explain his moves, while AFKing in jungle. Top lane, nasus vs yoric, come on....... Always camp yoric first, other wise it's a lost splitpushing top lane. So yeah, game gets tough, and this kid, tells everyone how good his mind is, how of a champion at swimming he is, and nobody is like him. Jesus........... Champion, at what, swimming against 5 year olds????????? So yea, i tell him to nut my nuts into his nutmouth to shut him up and he tells me, to clear my mind. >?????? His mind is so damn clear, that he managed to afk his whole way to the loss.

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