Perma banned for flaming

Hi I just got perma banned for flaming I was titled cuz i lost 2 series to d4 today and in this game my adc trolled me and blamed me for his death I know its my fault that I responded to him and i shouldnt have flamed him but I dont think the logs are worth of a perma ban I was honor 0 last season but in this season i reformed and i broke honor 0 and was on my way to climb back to honor 2 Here is the chat log: Game 1 Nelzy: b? Nelzy: go max e janna u cant play with max w Nelzy: keep typing janna Nelzy: i pinged to clean ward Nelzy: dive varus janna Nelzy: hm Nelzy: u see why diving janna varus suck Nelzy: shut the %%% uo Nelzy: up Nelzy: u suck Nelzy: we lost cuz of ur calls Nelzy: idiot Nelzy: dive Nelzy: go 1v2 when i clear ward Nelzy: idiot Nelzy: GO FF Nelzy: cuz u make shitty calls Nelzy: u idioot Nelzy: piece of shit Nelzy: noob adc Nelzy: give him 3 kills min 10 Nelzy: go ff Nelzy: look this adc Nelzy: 4-0 Nelzy: 4-4 Nelzy: go afk Nelzy: is trash Nelzy: 4-0 Nelzy: 4-5 Nelzy: u lost us game Nelzy: i go clear ward twice Nelzy: he die twice Nelzy: cuz he go 1v2 Nelzy: thking hes tyler 1 Nelzy: while hes wildturtle Nelzy: good adc Nelzy: XDD L9 Nelzy: 4-0 5-6 Nelzy: varus 0/3 Nelzy: 0/2 Nelzy: 7/2 Nelzy: difference Nelzy: good adc Nelzy: how am i trolling xd can anyone of riot please help me and give me a chance and make it 14day ban atleast Im sorry for everything I have said in this game and I promise I wont do it again Thanks.
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