There should be a system in place to detect players that put teams at disadvantage

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Case: Going into a ranked game in silver ELO as ADC Jinx {{champion:222}} . My Janna {{champion:40}} support goes top. I receive no explanation as to why this is happening. Then she roams mid, and jungle leaving me 2v1 alone bot. I actually do well, my KDA is 3/0 but she keeps dying as she is outpositioned constantly. And does not even realize that what he is doing, is making us lose... I did not tilt, or flame but If i did - guaranteed - i would get a chat ban, and she would peacefully troll game after game.. My point: Riot needs to start taking behavior seriously - what you DO is much more important than what you say. I am not saying that there shouldn't be a punishment for being salty, but equally, there should be one for when you are refusing to play as a team, on purpose ( aka troling). You are assigned a lane, and you are expected to stick to it, especially a lane in which one person ( ADC) depends on another ( SUPP). Thoughts? ( I am expecting negative replies towards this post, but im prepared to take it) Link to the game :
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