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The support employee suggested that I post my concerns here. First things first, I just started playing again like a month ago from a hiatus, therefor my honor level got reset, I play support in gold mmr, people, especially adcs, like to blame me for their mistakes or for minor stuff such as roaming. I received a 10 game chat restriction because I had 2 bad games over the weekend. Playing on weekends is especially stressful, people seem to be more toxic than usual. In those games I was being called out for no reason. Since the games were pretty much over, nobody really played and everyone was just argueing in chat. I get that I got a 10 game restriction after that, I would expect that the others got some form of punishment aswell, because I did write a lot on those games so limiting the messages made sense. It wasn't just random cursing tho. I was trying to explain myself and pointing out things that could have been done differently by others too. Now with the chat restriction gone, my honor level is still locked, i get no more rewards for performing well in subsequent games and the honors i receive don't count. When I asked in a ticket, I wasn't even told for how long this is gonna go on for. Basically I am supposed to keep playing for just half the rewards just because I had 2 bad games out of 150+ this season. I think it's an extreme punishment, I feel like i'm being punished extremely harsh just because I wasn't playing more prior to this, so i could keep up a higher honor level. The blue essence grind is already a pain with the level system, where you only get rewarded after a certain amount of games rather than every game, but now I don't even get chests or keys to speed it up. I feel like i'm being treated like some kind of cheater or afker or constant griefer. I wasnt randomly insulting people, i was being insulted, there were no curses, homophobia, racism or anything like that. So I get that the honor level was locked for the time of the restriction, but now it's just unnecessary to hold me back from rewards for an indefinate amount of time. It makes me more frustrated, makes me not wanna honor anybody at all, and playing for just half the rewards isn't fun for a longer period of time.
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