Unfairly banned and ripped off

9/29/2015 I played my last ranked game on this account, this was just after I achieved Gold before the reset. After that last game I spammed Nidalee in co-op and get pretty good with her. 10/09/2015 I buy some RP to change my summoner name to what you currently can see that I have. Everything goes well and I keep spamming Nidalee and winning these bot games (obviously lol). 10/14/2015 I wake up to an email "(loginname), regarding your account" I read the email and it states that my account has been banned due to cheats etc. I am laughing like what? I am banned for cheating? I just bought a name change and I have played Nidalee for 2 weeks and bought a name change and now I am banned? If I now would have cheated, how come my other accounts FinaPattar and Swifterino are still not banned? One is Gold II and the other Platinum V. Why would I even cheat when my skills are superior the ones I get from cheating? I mean why would a Platinum level player struggle in Silver 2 - Gold 5? I just spammed an overpowered champion in ranked and maybe I got a few reports for saying "gg easy" when they surrender at 20 minutes and I have over 10 kills and can 1v5.. That makes me wonder if I should keep maining Riven and Rengar and stop leveling my newest account "Riven it is". Maybe I get banned because I can do stuff with these champions that most of us can't. After investing X amount of hours you can do the more advanced things with the champions, like bug kalistas W to get stuck at the dragon for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8RdPbqTrrk . Should I keep playing Riven on this account: http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/EUNE/Swifterino/champions ? Or should I just stop playing that account for good because I don't want it to get banned? Anyway, I believe this ban is unfair, and if I would have cheated, how come my accounts live now after 6 months after the ban of Tell me a Secret.. **#FreeTellMeASecret ** > https://imgur.com/bnlap45 EDIT: Forgot to mention that I only used MKJogo and Razer Synapse for league. They are approved by riot and shouldn't end in a permanent suspension.
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