I got perma banned for no reason

Where in this text am I "extremely inflammatory" and "offensive" as you are saying? Game 1 In-Game Karl0lof: yep Karl0lof: why? Karl0lof: a girl Karl0lof: :( Karl0lof: Tjenare kingen Karl0lof: yeo Karl0lof: yep Karl0lof: lycka till Karl0lof: aa Karl0lof: Är du också sjuk idag? Karl0lof: skola annars ju Karl0lof: ahaa Karl0lof: mycket förståligt Karl0lof: wow Karl0lof: gg guys Karl0lof: remake Karl0lof: llux stay afk Karl0lof: no remake bots Karl0lof: boys* Karl0lof: great start Karl0lof: Is he buffed or something? Karl0lof: Lux how about stop pinging? Karl0lof: and focus? Karl0lof: stfu kid you were afk Karl0lof: play and stfu Karl0lof: focus on the game Karl0lof: denna lux alltså Karl0lof: helt värdelös Karl0lof: Det var länge sen man såg en Svenne i matcherna känns det som Karl0lof: better team win Karl0lof: Ok i wont say your name more Karl0lof: actually its swedish Karl0lof: and yes sure Karl0lof: lux muted Karl0lof: He is to fed Karl0lof: Nothing we can do Karl0lof: Nothing we can do Karl0lof: Wukong* Karl0lof: ofc blame me for your deaths Karl0lof: always Karl0lof: yes Karl0lof: 1/5 Karl0lof: :) Karl0lof: Team blames me :) Karl0lof: Nah not the enemies Karl0lof: They blame me because we are losing Karl0lof: xD Karl0lof: Swain is telling me that I am feeding you Karl0lof: I have 1 death xD Karl0lof: Lol Irelia and Swain premades Karl0lof: that explains everything Karl0lof: 4 / 1 surrender Karl0lof: lol Karl0lof: such a bronze team. giving up so easy Karl0lof: well gg guys Karl0lof: Swain is not allowed to speak with strangers for his mom Karl0lof: they try to fight you lol Karl0lof: XD Karl0lof: nothing I can do Karl0lof: gg Post-Game Karl0lof: wp all Karl0lof: better team wins Karl0lof: I love friendly opponents
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