Permabanned for playing zoe support and responding to Adc flame

Soooo last year i was playing on my main account as zoe support.I had no intention to feed or "troll" the game.The momment i picked her adc starts spamming i was troll.I explained i wasnt with the nicest way possible.Game starts and i play normally.My adc flames while afking under tower and keep spamming on all chat that im troll and i should get x9 report for perma ban.Meanwhile i try to explain myself on chat wothout cursing cursing in order to avoid any and misunderstanding.Game continues in the same fashion.I play normally trying to hold my lane and trying to defend from kaisa remarks.She keeps flaming and afk/inting.Game ends and i say il report her.A few mins later i get a message i was permabanned with only the chat log from the match.I opened ticket explaining my position linking the chat log and asking for a reason and pretty much all i got was that the moment i even answered her was considered flaming.Just to add this game was on lower elos around bronze.The account i played has more than a 100 skins and around 1k euros invested.I just took this chance to post here since the Nubrac incident seems so similar to this.Im posting the entire chat log bellow. Game 1 Pre-Game Raphtalia: ?? In-Game Raphtalia: ward Raphtalia: > Raphtalia: why im the treoll.... Raphtalia: you just stood there and are you talking about Raphtalia: omg Raphtalia: report kaisa plz.....flaming inting and trolling Raphtalia: look at her.... Raphtalia: and im the troll Raphtalia: just because she decided zoe is "bad" support...not im the troll and she afks/feeds Raphtalia: plz some1 post this to riot Raphtalia: why me? Raphtalia: she is afk Raphtalia: watching me and doing nothing Raphtalia: and why is zoe bad support Raphtalia: plz explain Raphtalia: because you believe something ...why troll? Raphtalia: and im reported....for that right? Raphtalia: i did nothing Raphtalia: i play the game Raphtalia: and im reported? Raphtalia: ow look zoe is bad support Raphtalia: you want to report me though....for playing Raphtalia: and putting up with kaisa trolling and flaming Raphtalia: ok im done Raphtalia: you want to lose so bad Raphtalia: lets lose Raphtalia: il just farm Raphtalia: IM NOT Raphtalia: she was afk Raphtalia: doing nothing Raphtalia: and i was last hitting Raphtalia: and i got flamed for it and left to die Raphtalia: when i engaged Raphtalia: now il farm Raphtalia: because your flame finally made me mad Raphtalia: im toxic? Raphtalia: i did nothing Raphtalia: i played normally and i got flamed form kaisa and then you just becuase kaisa thinks zoe is trash support Raphtalia: she decided i was troll Raphtalia: she left me to die twice Raphtalia: and you wanted to report me.... Raphtalia: i did nothing Raphtalia: im playing normaly and you flame me Raphtalia: you where afk for the first 10 mins Raphtalia: you where afk for 10 mins flaming and trolling.....and you wonder why you dont have farm? Raphtalia: report kaisa plz....flaming and trolling Post-Game Raphtalia: kaisa decides zoe is bad keeps flaming and trolling Raphtalia: you are pathetic dude Raphtalia: get some help Raphtalia: nope was just writing a report Raphtalia: bye bye....
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