"Wasting time" in games and giving up

I've experienced this quite a bit lately when trying to get my placements done. People are extremely negative about gamestates. Barely ten minutes into the game, they will already call / announce that the game is over, usually because "role X is feeding" (feeding meaning dying twice -.-). They will then go on about "not wanting to waste time" and proceed to sit afk in the fountain for the next ten minutes, while repeatedly calling for "open mid" and / or spamming surrender votes. I had a slight break from league due to exam period, but I believe to remember that people were not this negative when I left (about six weeks ago). What happened there? More importantly, why can people get away with this behavior? I usually end up reporting those people for "afk" and "negative attitude" (and usually "flaming" as well because they tend to do that too while standing afk). How is it that I have the feeling that the amount of people that do this is INcreasing rather than DEcreasing? Is the report system just not working? It kinda feels that way, because when people are told that they will be reported for afk, they just react with indifference (usually quoting something along the lines of "that's alright" or "lol sure"). I do like the game and I enjoy playing on ladder, trying to climb back up to where I left last league. But honestly, at least every second game has people like that in it, either on my team or the enemy team. Some may say that getting them on the enemy team is beneficial, but honestly it ruins my fun just as much as when they're on my team. I want to PLAY the game and not have a "free win simulator". I want to have fun playing a match of League of Legends and not have to mute at least two people each game because of flame wars, while either playing with almost no hopes of winning (even a full on ace 4v5 rarely helps you when you're sitting under your inhib towers and a teammate refuses to play) or basically winning "for free" without having to put much effort into it. I just wanted to ask riot if there's ANYTHING being done on that matter? Because across the last two or so years that I played, I felt that the toxicity of the game has just increased, increased and increased. And reports feel like they dont matter at all. So here's my question @Riot: "Do you care about your game environment? Or are you just fine with letting things go to hell as they are currently?"
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