I can't win anymore...mostly for flamers afkers and trolls

Ok...so here's my story I never played rankeds a lot but i wanted to give it a try. s5 silver 3, s6 silver 5, now..placements got me in bronze 3 i played rankeds for 2 weeks straight...i went up and down for a while...then i won like 11 or 12 games in a row and got in promos for bronze 1. Lost promos and then i couldn't win anymore...now i'm in low bronze 3 again...lost 13 matches in a row...2or 3 was me feeding and i can say that i lost those matches because i made some terrible mistakes and deserved some of the flame i got...but if i go syndra mid and i'm 10/1 and end up the match in a defeat screen with a score of 16/16 because 2 premades bot go afk after 20 minutes i get some nerves...just did another match...i was 12 /2...top yasuo goes 2/20 adc goes 1/15 and everyone in the enemy team focuses me and just me with all the cc and ults they have ...i ended 19/8...last example...7/0 bot feds...enemy leona and jungle camille do a double ult on me every time they hve their ults up...ended 7/10 so.....the question is...why? how? and what should i do? already tried to go back normals some time...returned to rankeds and lost again because a soraka refuse to stay bot with vayne and went mid feeding zed Ok so thx for all the answers...didn't actually think i would receive so much responces from you guys...i'll try to improve by myself looking at my errors and i'll accept the rank i'll be put in at the end of the season thx to all :)
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