PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT - Update and conclusion

Quick summary: - Months ago i received death threats in private chats, reported them with screens and riot support told me "we can't do anything about private chats" - Two days ago I added a guy that intionally trolled a game to make his team lose and flamed him in a private chat (no threats of any kind) - After less than one hour my main account got permabanned, reason "harassment in private chat" - Multiple users posted similar screenshots of the support always stating that they will not act on private chats So after multiple requests to the support asking at least to turn the permaban into a 14 days ban since the clear discrepacy between what they always said to me and other users and what they did on my account, i just got denied any chance to have my account back. After posting to them all the screenshots (five) of all the supports answers to death threats in private chats etc from me and other users asking literally "why are you applying double standards just for me?" the imagine in the link is the final answer. Basically stop asking about this or we'll block your support account as well. So if i get asked in private my personal address, being said that he will find me and shoot me in my throat that is apparently not harassment and not considered a punishment. Me saying %%%%%% piece of shit mongoloid for inting a game is worth a permaban on private chats. At this point I actually think i flamed the wrong guy, a rioter itself or a guy with strong connections. R.I.P. main account
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