Is the league of legends banning service fair ?

I've been playing league for more than 8 years now , and i have never been banned at all , until the last season where i got banned twice in like 2 months (14 days ban and chat restriction) . the bans were not very well explained and there was no reason behind it , i may have flamed a bit but i never user words such as "%%%" or "die" or anything like that it was just like some normal trashtalk , i was really confused but i was over it . the real weird thing and the reason why i created this thread is because some of the people i report say things that are so immature and so unsportsmanlike it's unreal , i got people wishing my family to die in a fire and others who want to run their cars over me , i report all of them ofc but they never get banned , i even sent a ticket to riot support using screenshots of what some of them said but all i got is a bot saying he is working on the problem . wat do you guys think about the banning service / algorithme that riot uses ? Thanks !
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