Banned over nothing

Hi, i got banned today for the text below. Notice how my "flame" is really only occasionally, and only when draven flamed or spam pinged me (which is obviously not shown because thats completely irrelevant now is it?) after 2 minutes i already got spam pinged and im used to these people running it just down when they show that behaviour. he wouldnt stop blaming me over nothing, if you just watch the actual game you'd see that. if you dont show these people that you do not give a %%%% about their flame, they will use it against you. if they see they *can* provoke you, they will provoke you. so i dont let that happen. im honor level 4, and *without warning* im banned for 14 days because a flamer reported me. is he a rioter? youre really abusing your powers here. i mostly get honors for being friendly actually. most games i pull a joke at the start to have the kids not flaming. doesnt matter tho, insulted the wrong person. Im not expecting to get the ban lifted. but league is slowly dying and i want to contribute to it. i want to show people what i get banned for and have them have it in mind when they cross their next flamer which is leagues worse than this. Like i said, im friendly throughout most games, that changes though when i get flamed or the enemy all chats about reporting people because they are bad, instead of playing the game. you have to tolerate someone being worse than you, if you cant, youll find no sympathy from me. its no reason to flame, and i WILL make you angry if you start that shit. why? these players need to learn that their flame is unwelcome, that they will not find any support from me if they all chat about how bad some player in their team is. these players are bullying everyone every game and, most importantly, are never banned. Game 1 In-Game 50m3 6uy: youre tanky enough anyways 50m3 6uy: maybe it works out 50m3 6uy: tongue + comet 50m3 6uy: wtf you went red before 50m3 6uy: needed one more minion for lvl 2 50m3 6uy: but you know 50m3 6uy: 4 ad champs btw 50m3 6uy: wu not 6 why flash lol 50m3 6uy: i didnt go ; ) 50m3 6uy: yes 50m3 6uy: actually 50m3 6uy: on a non related topic 50m3 6uy: %%% 50m3 6uy: you went to pink 50m3 6uy: then you blame me 50m3 6uy: %%%%in kid 50m3 6uy: sry for engaging 50m3 6uy: i was stunned 50m3 6uy: or rooted 50m3 6uy: maybe you should get some skills before talkin? 50m3 6uy: "wtf are you doing?" 50m3 6uy: ah sure 50m3 6uy: yas didnt move for 4 s 50m3 6uy: :) 50m3 6uy: dayum 50m3 6uy: got knocked up right after i flashed 50m3 6uy: because i wanted to keep wu off you both while you kill em 50m3 6uy: k 50m3 6uy: need these stacks 50m3 6uy: on my item 50m3 6uy: i lose so much gold because you dont give me minions 50m3 6uy: i dont think so 50m3 6uy: it stays with zhonyas tho 50m3 6uy: . 50m3 6uy: cant help him there 50m3 6uy: he has to use the little brain he has 50m3 6uy: get ga mate 50m3 6uy: draven, i cant knock wu away if he ults 50m3 6uy: his ult cancels my w 50m3 6uy: you need ga 50m3 6uy: k have redem no whatevs 50m3 6uy: bah, was clear we cant win this tbh 50m3 6uy: what do you even do against wu, yas 50m3 6uy: first %%% 50m3 6uy: gg Post-Game 50m3 6uy: ah he flamed all game
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