Champions with most friendly or toxic players?

While playing game i were noticed that in many games same champion represented different people who had simmilarity in personality.From my view i can make a list of champions that are mostly played who have friendly players and on other side champions which players are mostly toxic.As i seen in most games players who play mages at mid like {{champion:103}} ,{{champion:143}} ,{{champion:161}} ,{{champion:112}} ,{{champion:61}} ,{{champion:127}} tend to be polite,very communicative team,give constuctive criticism,etc...All support mains are like one i mentioned before and they are even more discussing with team about making tactic, but {{champion:412}} players tend to be cocky and flame adc for bad farming sometime.In jungle players who play {{champion:79}} ,{{champion:77}},{{champion:421}} ,{{champion:57}} are good teamplayers and communicative with team.On other side i wanna say that i hate to have {{champion:122}} player in my team who will always blame his whole team not caring if someone is trying hardest to pull game out and even he don't care for his score losing is his team fault.Adc players are mostly uncommunicative and don't wanna discuss with support about anything and being unthankful for peeling he does for them but there are players who're above all for example {{champion:96}} ,{{champion:119}} ,{{champion:67}} {{champion:202}} have players who will always blame support even they flash for kill and chase enemy adc under turret.Players who play {{champion:92}} ,{{champion:238}} ,{{champion:11}} ,{{champion:157}}, {{champion:55}} are most greedy players and tend to wait for teammate to die to take kill and wanna blame jungler every time they die.They like darius player tend to blame whole team but they take responsibility for their own score unlike darius.Junglers like {{champion:107}} ,{{champion:121}} ,{{champion:254}} ,{{champion:24}} ,{{champion:5}}, don't care if someone in team is counter-picked for example top going {{champion:86}} vs {{champion:17}} and they'll blame laner if he ends with 24 farm at 12 minutes not caring to gank him when he needsThose junglers tend only to gank when they are sure that the'll get kill for themselves and want to blame team if they are losing.I have feeling when i play {{champion:105}} i am only fizz player who want to be communicative towards his team but i start to flame if for example {{champion:54}} don't use ulti to initiate teamfight but use it to take kill.
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