Ranked And Its Constant FUBAR.

Unfortunately this game is like Crack! You get hooked very easy on the competetive style of gameplay. Its Smart, Genius infact! and That is one of the reasons why People of a competetive nature (Me)& (Ranked Players) "Enjoyed" the game. League provided a platform of skill, reward and competitiveness that no other game brought to the table. But finally after 3 years of playing I have decided to unhinge myself from the "Crackpipe" and quit. The game unfortunately has turned into a skilless slugfest of Luck and wait...more LUCK of which team gets the Troll/Afker or The Premade Trash. This has become a daily struggle to contain,providing me with the feeling of little enjoyment and reward that I reckon many competitive players agree with. I appreciate all games have a bad commuinity/ Player base.. But I feel as S5 hit.. League "Hit" a new time low in the Toxic scene.. Now I appreciate SoloQ is called "The Grind" for a reason.....But its so degrading when you actually go into a ranked game for the 1000th time, yet again telling yourself "Dont worry, you can do it"..and end up losing yet again, because of someone who literally has the attitude of a fly that sits on Alistairs Cowpat all day. for example.. "FF 20 i died once" "The games over, I afk." ( 1 Minute) I'm not a Pro Player at all and dont claim to be.. But I enjoy a skillfull contest that doesnt have the factor of who gets the afker/trolls this time. The sad thing is.. I'm still yet to see any punishment for any of this shit and Degrading behaviour. I rarely even talk in games and when I do.. It's trying to be consturctive... Recently I got a 75 Chat Restrict... And demoted after losing one game on 0 points. So the question is... will anything be done about this? I DONT THINK SO. Will They continue to plague every elo daily and ruin peoples gameplay? - Yes. I feel sorry for everyone that actually plays to progress and has to deal with shit on a daily basis, losing games again down to nothing more than a mindless idiot. so after today I think It may be a fairwell.. But who knows.. crack is very addictive.
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