Is the community in need of help?

I don't really understand. I'm not a good player - at all. I get that; but hey, I try to make my games fun and interesting. I like to talk to my opposition and allies. I try to win every game, but understand that I won't. I try to help people learn where others may not be so kind. I can take a joke where others may report for being 'offensive' when things truly aren't offensive in the least. Point I'm getting at - I try to be at least a _respectable player_ during my games. So why is it when I have a lapse moment in my friendly attitude and decide to act like a complete fool, I get given honorable opponent rewards; and on the inverse, I win a game and get flamed for being a "tryhard" and receive many reports? ...Tryhard. That's another thing about this game's community I don't get. If I am playing a game, normally the purpose of a game is to **win**, is it not? Then why, when I try to win, am I being _insulted_ for doing just that? Check the quickly knocked up graphic in the link below, this explains two games I just had, back to back in seconds. What's your opinion, forums? Is there a high enough population of generally rude or inconsiderate players that you're nearly guaranteed to be paired up with at least one every game, or am I getting bad luck? And is it commonplace to be rewarded for feeding and being a complete moron?
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