lets goo first perma

im so happy that this kids can play it for fun than get seriouis and flame me here is my log,for that game you have to go to op.gg or other sites like that if you wanna see builds and which way game went Game 1 Dr3dd2l00T: 7/3 s2 was s4 last season Dr3dd2l00T: why? Dr3dd2l00T: greed? Dr3dd2l00T: i wanted long recall Dr3dd2l00T: i need armour Dr3dd2l00T: WTF Dr3dd2l00T: aefweqrčtgmaečćr ojgweqr Dr3dd2l00T: eržsadw Dr3dd2l00T: FGererfsda Dr3dd2l00T: S Dr3dd2l00T: SDR%%% Dr3dd2l00T: DEAR Dr3dd2l00T: VDFRTGE Dr3dd2l00T: ZGERTD Dr3dd2l00T: HERTD Dr3dd2l00T: ERHG Dr3dd2l00T: ERDTG Dr3dd2l00T: ERDG Dr3dd2l00T: GV Dr3dd2l00T: %%%%ING EKKO IDIOT Dr3dd2l00T: die you %%%%ing sejuani hope you get ran over with truck Dr3dd2l00T: I WILL WHEN YOU START SSI9NG AND PLAYING NORAMNL NOT TILTING ME WITH THAT LAY Dr3dd2l00T: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dr3dd2l00T: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Dr3dd2l00T: AS Dr3dd2l00T: šweq4rotgf Dr3dd2l00T: đwećf Dr3dd2l00T: 4q5eReqr5G Dr3dd2l00T: v5rg Dr3dd2l00T: q4re5g Dr3dd2l00T: hg 4q35 Dr3dd2l00T: eqrg Dr3dd2l00T: ekko youre %%%%ing plant Dr3dd2l00T: i needed help but where it was Dr3dd2l00T: its stronger than you rs Dr3dd2l00T: atleastz Dr3dd2l00T: cuz you only blame me Dr3dd2l00T: i troll? tho my q proces ap Dr3dd2l00T: i dont care nmow Dr3dd2l00T: you tankj Dr3dd2l00T: i woint Dr3dd2l00T: cuz everyone blame nasus Dr3dd2l00T: cant deal with it Dr3dd2l00T: i wanna %%%%ing kill you now cuz io get tilted by ure %%%%ing flame Dr3dd2l00T: %%%% you ekko you %%%%ing playnt only tiltime wsith flame what areyou team who flames or team who are %%%%ing playntzs? Dr3dd2l00T: die you finbg %%%%%% Dr3dd2l00T: i wont play this till you stop attacking each orther otherwise i start overkilloing with flame Dr3dd2l00T: you want to %%%?do it not my deal Dr3dd2l00T: guzys just suicide please Dr3dd2l00T: do it Dr3dd2l00T: youre just waste of world's resources Dr3dd2l00T: %%%% y<ou you engage and i tell you toi b Dr3dd2l00T: why u dont listen u neigger? Dr3dd2l00T: WHAT?! Dr3dd2l00T: iu dont wanna talk to kid Dr3dd2l00T: usless kid Dr3dd2l00T: NASUS NEEDS STACKS CUZ HE LOST TIME ON %%%%ING PLANTS Dr3dd2l00T: i dont give %%%% Dr3dd2l00T: gg rep my tem Game 2 Dr3dd2l00T: xd Dr3dd2l00T: ill go weirdest build ever on nasus which will heal me like swain heals on r Dr3dd2l00T: omftg Dr3dd2l00T: WQETŽPĆ JO34tgćpoier h Dr3dd2l00T: dtghgžfas Dr3dd2l00T: rfsgthžžbhg Dr3dd2l00T: wrftžhg Dr3dd2l00T: rtzfhž Dr3dd2l00T: raty Dr3dd2l00T: hhr Dr3dd2l00T: hrtzewf Dr3dd2l00T: fwger3t Dr3dd2l00T: you %%%% off dont atk that much and youll not be ganked much Dr3dd2l00T: and its his job Dr3dd2l00T: keep atking fhope youll ose Dr3dd2l00T: nice Dr3dd2l00T: you be under pressure by rene all time cant stack he uses all on me Dr3dd2l00T: die idiot Dr3dd2l00T: your %%%%% Dr3dd2l00T: going to get iteams Dr3dd2l00T: not like ayou more cockines Dr3dd2l00T: nice supp Dr3dd2l00T: %%%%ing troll Dr3dd2l00T: go ap dmg u tilt me mf Dr3dd2l00T: atleast i have dama Dr3dd2l00T: ge Dr3dd2l00T: nc rito keep troling me cuz of 99 lp Dr3dd2l00T: nice Dr3dd2l00T: all onj me now Dr3dd2l00T: ye why not Dr3dd2l00T: only nasus is issue Dr3dd2l00T: %%% team Dr3dd2l00T: i get perma anywas i dont give %%%% abf ou t it anymore Dr3dd2l00T: when team onlky flames and i am victim and get though banned Dr3dd2l00T: surr Dr3dd2l00T: cause you are usless only flčame Dr3dd2l00T: notin else no clean trades plays Dr3dd2l00T: no supp Dr3dd2l00T: gg wp rep my team rty i wanna do suicide now cuz i was victim of my team,tried to reform but i cant since riot won't remove my chat completely to i cant chat(tried to mute all,pepole still report me cuz i played my own game so there is no way back),pepole have to trigger and tilt or sabotage my game all time so feel free or to stop me or to send flowers to my grave see ya pepole i will no longer play ths game where pepole have fun triggering,tilting,sabotaging other's games in ranked competitive games and i wanna tell this to RIOT:if you think to keep popularity high,feel free to do reworks in behaviour of pepole and to negative side of players shold get stronger penalties like eloboosters get and LOOK MORE TO PENALIZE THOSE WHO LIKE TO DO THINGS I MENTIONED THERE CAUSE IT ISNT FUN TO PEPOLE DO SUICIDE LIKE ME NOW bye pepole,play safe,play fair,dont be flamer or troller,dont play 1st time champion u wan't in ranked,if you're AD,build armor pen item so you can proc leth with it
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