Permabanned players - Second chances.

So a lot of post about people wanting to recover their permabanned accounts have been floating around recently. Saying that they deserved their permanent ban on their account and that they have changed their behaviour since then and now wants a second chance. The thing with this is that you have already recived your second chance as soon as you create a new account. You are still allowed to play the game, not just on the account you got permantly banned on. The punishment is that you lose your account, skins, ranks, etc. Same would apply in real life, if you commited any crime that made you for example pay a fee. You would never get your money for that back, if it was justified. They just don't keep taking money from you after your punishment have been paid. So don't ask for your accounts back, learn from your misstakes and go on with your new account as your second, third, fourth, fifth.... chance.
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