Sorry junglers

I jungle very rarely, I personally hate the role for many reasons, but today I finally realized the burden of all junglers, crying laners. I have numerous times been that crying laner, and now I intend to clean up my act on this part. My latest game was a blast, we were winning heavily, it was my first ww {{champion:19}} match. Was doing fine. Our botlane was feeding pretty heavily, the enemy Vayne was quite fed. Why did the botlane feed, you may ask, well everytime I looked at map, they were literally under the enemy turret, and then the yasuo complains about me not ganking, while the enemy Pyke is. IKR, they expected ww, a completely melee champ to come gank the enemy, while they were only under their turret.... but this is definitely not the bad part. Come 15-20 minutes, me and Sylas go for Drake, usually the jungler gets it, I had no smite and the sylas clearly desperately wanted the last hit and so he got it too. Well then I go around out lane (the lower blue lane near Baron) and clear up the frog and wolves and take the scuttlecrab, then as my blue spawns I go for it, and what do I see, sylas begging me for the blue buff, I was in need of xp so I simply killed it. Then starts a 15 minute rant by Sylas who tells everyone to report me for being toxic and trolling him. HE even goes as far as to shame my rank and sit afk in base looking at while we are fighting 4v5. What I am trying to say, I understand the frustration of all junglers when these self-full Sylas' pop up. You're doing a great job for the most part, and mute these laners if they are too annoying.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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