Hello , yesterday I got a PermaBan for "Toxicity" and I dont really know why. I wanted to ask you guys so here is the log. Just tell me if I should make a ticket. I was playing a Normal Blind. And some kid (Varus) started inting (Actual int) . Then he started flaming our team , wich was pretty funny :)). Game 1 Pre-Game PKL881: top PKL881: top In-Game PKL881: Ull see PKL881: Push team PKL881: U will see PKL881: Just shut up PKL881: Thats not trol... PKL881: Thats what the other team said PKL881: And we won... PKL881: Then dont PKL881: For? PKL881: There is no reason PKL881: 4 PKL881: If u want go afk PKL881: Then go PKL881: x9 him guys PKL881: ? =]] PKL881: I said top lol PKL881: This Varus is such a sad kiddo PKL881: ffs PKL881: Have a bath with your toster PKL881: toaster* PKL881: x9 him PKL881: ez PKL881: Int PKL881: We wanted to play push team like we did PKL881: And last time it worked PKL881: We didnt have a sad kiddo in our team and we won PKL881: And thats why u should rep him PKL881: For language + Inting PKL881: why? PKL881: When did zac's ulti change? PKL881: lol PKL881: yep PKL881: He will pretty much PKL881: Yea , I dont really care either PKL881: He is usless PKL881: In this comunity PKL881: Zed got top PKL881: Say "Bye Bye" Varus PKL881: Byye PKL881: Lil Varus Crying PKL881: ;((( PKL881: He tries to feed creeps PKL881: lol PKL881: Im trolling PKL881: ;(( PKL881: Varus is mi Idol PKL881: Best rapper ever PKL881: Lil cry PKL881: 0/9 is his best score PKL881: Do it u bot PKL881: WoooWOOWPIAYHWLduoALIWDUIHAW PKL881: FIRST KILL PKL881: AOIWDHP:OUAWHDLOIUAHWL:IDUN PKL881: APLIWDHLAUWIHDLIUAW PKL881: HE IS SO GOOD PKL881: OMG PKL881: 1 kill on account PKL881: *Dab* PKL881: "AIJWPDOIUHAPLWIUHD PKL881: SO GOOD PKL881: OMG PKL881: PAIWHDLOP*AUWOLPD*UHLAIUHWLIUDHLAKUHWLD PKL881: SKILLED PKL881: Rumble u triggered lol PKL881: Brand u just bad PKL881: Go to school Varus PKL881: ez PKL881: U monkey PKL881: U Pingspoofer PKL881: Omg PKL881: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG PKL881: HOW? PKL881: OMG PKL881: HONOR VARUS PLEASE PKL881: Brand u bad PKL881: lol PKL881: Shaco but actually report him PKL881: Dont forget PKL881: Yep PKL881: I was surprised 2 PKL881: ez PKL881: U bad lol PKL881: ? PKL881: EZ PKL881: Ez
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