Imagine this...

DRAFT... Teemo goes Jungle... leaves the game at level 1. My ADC is Veigar... passive and not doing much. I make 2 jokes about Black Crime statistics. Enemy ADC flourish how good he is in match 4 vs 5. I get banned, Teemo and ADC Veigar lives long and happpily. Riot, you have reached a level below sub-human creatures, Not even EA DLC policy is as toxic as you are, not even Bioware doing... weird things lately, not even GameForge with bad decisions over some games. No, no company have reached the toxicity and mentally challenged level what you achived. Game where you eighter play Yasuo, Zed, Riven and few other TOP tier picks. No MOBA allows for hegemony of few champs for so long without reliable counters. I want to ask people responsible for this Justice system, how badly were you bullied in school, that 2-3 bad words makes people permabanned? how badly your selfesteem must be damaged. Overall, you're speachless garbage company, even EA recently did something good (Apex Legends) while you still swim in pool of endless garbage. I am glad that in my 7 years of playing (in total with breaks) I didn't even spend 0.01$ on this title. Belive me, if "The Purge" movie was real... there would be ten thousand of people waiting for you. PS. Hope that Chinese will take over your whole company soon.
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