Why is inting less punishable than toxicity?

So I am playing this game where my Olaf goes 0/2/0 in lane, says gg, doesn't even try anymore. Then I gank him, kill enemy Riven and push lane so she loses cs and the next thing i see he is ulting into nothing and flaming ( he already had chat restrict ). Then he decides to start trolling and litteraly inting ( at the end of the game he was 2 /16 ). At this point im mad as hell and started to flame him. And my team jumps to his side and tells they are gonna report me because im flaming. I say to all chat "lets report olaf, lets get rid of players like him". And the enemy Draven says "he won my promo" and ofcourse he doesn't report him. In the end Olaf didn't get banned for flaming and INTING that lost the game and I got banned for FLAMING THE FLAMER.
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