A Friendly SUggestion

HMMMMMM, where do I start. OK. I start here now. Good day gentlemen and gentlewomans, Rito, pls, make rito great again. Make polish server finally. Kurwa ebany pizdec should be a bannable word. I listen this everyday and they curse my family, tell me is this normal in ur life, because it became in mine. My mom go with me to doctor, because i got depressed and they ruined my life. This is not human. Pls make this polish server so they can curse each other and not normal people. They are ruining ur game and every pc and enthernet cafe is deleting ur game and installing APEX and DOTA 2 because polish people cant afford it. This is game gone to much with this flame and harassment from polish people. Me not racist, no bad person, this is not normal, and no one can play this game anymore in peace because of them. One day they flame, other day they harass, other they feed and leave, and other day they tell me to kill myself. One day I wanted to kill myself, and now im really considering to do just that. Do u want to like i do and many more people? **MAKE POLISH SERVER AND LOL WILL BE GREAT AGAIN** Sincerely urs EUNE communty, board.
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