Do I really deserve the ban on my other acc?!

Game 1 In-Game HuntersBlade: xD HuntersBlade: nami only u HuntersBlade: ??? HuntersBlade: wtf HuntersBlade: why didnt u go? HuntersBlade: who is bad? HuntersBlade: no HuntersBlade: im tired of doing that HuntersBlade: OMFG HuntersBlade: u miss al e HuntersBlade: bc u cant land skillshots HuntersBlade: nami already said ur trash HuntersBlade: she is right HuntersBlade: go afk HuntersBlade: omfg HuntersBlade: what happened HuntersBlade: vlad HuntersBlade: mid difference HuntersBlade: 3/6 HuntersBlade: noob HuntersBlade: no idea why u all based HuntersBlade: ??? HuntersBlade: what is defante? HuntersBlade: so op HuntersBlade: vlad dont care HuntersBlade: i can solo HuntersBlade: wow thx fiora Post-Game HuntersBlade: man fiora HuntersBlade: is only reason we won HuntersBlade: lb perma flamed me HuntersBlade: yeh HuntersBlade: we are HuntersBlade: got promoted HuntersBlade: yeh but got promoted HuntersBlade: i dont the LB was spam pinging me all game and blaming me
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