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Hello, I am here to say that the honor system is sh-it. I got two+ accounts. The first one is locked at honor 0. When i got it unlocked, the honor progression is slow as %%%%. I mainly play on this account. Impossible to reach checkpoints even without getting reports and getting honors. The second account is honor 2 third checkpoint. I mainly play it only for the daily mission and world's missions. Each time i connect, i get a free Key Fragment. So yes, the honor system is sh-it. As a player since season 3, i think that since the community is sh-itty, it's normal that even normal players can sometimes get chat restricted. As such, it's not normal for the system to fu-cking drop them to honor 0 so fast. And what's more unbelievable is that the progression for a honor 0 is slower than a honor 2. I think that you should give honor 0 players a better opportunity to get out of the honor hell (as in "elo hell"). By that, i mean an amount of time and honor significantly lesser than what an honor 2 needs to progress until they reach level 2 again. That way, even if they never correct their behavior, after reaching level 2 through the improved level up system for honor 2- players, then they get to back to honor 0. A cycle of Honor 0 -> 1 -> 2 -> 0 -> 1 -> 2 etc ... until they improve their behavior so they can continue to reach honor 3 - 4 - 5. The actual system is a cycle of Honor 0 -> 0 -> 0 -> 0 (without getting chat restricted and be placed at honor 0 again). Once they reach honor 2, then they can continue the level up with the actual system, without the need of an improved honor level up. What do you think about this ? Feel free to answer the poll and leave a comment. If you think that this is a whining post, you need to know that i already gave up about the honor system until they change the system. I got an account with honor 2 third checkpoint too. Chibi Shinigami
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