Is this chat worth a perma ban?

You can't call someone who went afk a %%%%%%? Game 1 Raptork01: i cba making a page Raptork01: rather play clash royale in champ select Raptork01: good rune Raptork01: %%%%%% hitbox Raptork01: perfect for %%%%%%s Raptork01: do u struggle with english Raptork01: use rosetta stone yes u do Raptork01: %%%%%% pinging us Raptork01: sorry Raptork01: idk why u dont stfu and play Raptork01: ty Raptork01: im not the one talking? Raptork01: so that makes no sense Raptork01: but ok Raptork01: ok dude Raptork01: gp? Raptork01: shh Raptork01: the only useful thing uve done this game is cs Raptork01: so just stfu Raptork01: 1/1/2 lmao Raptork01: you just farm in lane easy to not die Raptork01: i roam Raptork01: muted %%%%%% Raptork01: out of 18 kills gp participated in 3 Raptork01: who cares what he says lol Raptork01: hes a %%%%%% Raptork01: gp useless and he talks teh most lol Raptork01: 1/2/2 Raptork01: thanks for reportet Raptork01: u two can do it Raptork01: gp 1/3 lol Raptork01: 280 cs for no reason Raptork01: gg report GP for toxic Raptork01: lol Raptork01: seriosuly? Game 2 Raptork01: report lulu no leash Raptork01: speak english? Raptork01: report her pls trolling Raptork01: ty Raptork01: you'll like the report lol Raptork01: idc Raptork01: ? you went afk and didnt leash Raptork01: maybe go before Raptork01: the game starts Raptork01: keep up? Raptork01: learn how to speak english Raptork01: wtf Raptork01: why does that do that much Raptork01: 500 ???????? Raptork01: with no ap???????? Raptork01: i woulda healed Raptork01: if i knew it was so badly designed Raptork01: help Raptork01: im in shock Raptork01: i cant even Raptork01: im happy either way Raptork01: as long as lulu loses too lmao Raptork01: like your life Raptork01: lmao Raptork01: troll for 20 mins Raptork01: gj Raptork01: score means nothing lmao Raptork01: they inted Raptork01: on u Raptork01: u went to the bathroom Raptork01: cuz u didnth ave the common sense to go before Raptork01: i hope your mother gets it lmao Raptork01: she didnt do a good job raising u Raptork01: she deserves it Raptork01: %%%%%% learn some common sense and english while your at it Raptork01: bye now muted no point talking to a disabled child Raptork01: ggwp Game 3 Raptork01: report braum please trollinjg Raptork01: dont come bot useelss support Raptork01: BYE Raptork01: hes useless Raptork01: stfu Raptork01: let him Raptork01: its 1v2 annyway Raptork01: taking exp for no reason Raptork01: typical %%%%%% i see Raptork01: leave lane for no reason Raptork01: you dont do anything lmao Raptork01: just leave lane Raptork01: wont make a diff Raptork01: die of cancer lmao Raptork01: thats what Raptork01: ty for carry twitch Raptork01: hard 4v5 carry Raptork01: insane trundle Raptork01: insane trundle Raptork01: gj sion Raptork01: was it actually though Raptork01: ur mum is the first part Raptork01: really? Raptork01: rekt Raptork01: lmao did not see that coming Raptork01: i was like wheres sion ult gone Raptork01: we know ur gonna carry us thats why Raptork01: dumb champ lol Raptork01: i got him didnt i Raptork01: and hes ahead too Raptork01: practicing mechanics Raptork01: cuz i know twitch will win this anyway Raptork01: whyyyy Raptork01: lol malz Raptork01: even i dont do that Raptork01: is that u trying>? Raptork01: dont end
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