unworthy suspension

So. A few days ago I got a 14 day suspension. This as a whole is not a big deal. I already got a few bans through the years of playing and they all made me a better player for it. I don't flame anymore. I don't spam, harass or treat my team badly in any shape or form. I don't run int grief and I am certainly not losing any game on purpose. I am also playing only normal games, since i don't feel competitive at game as unbalanced as this is anymore. So. The reason for which I got banned they state i was trolling/griefing. They include one, and only one game as example. I've included the stats of the game for anybody who is interested enough to have a look. I have least amount of deaths on my team. Combined with the most cs in the game. Regular build, didn't sell items or anything. Did a /mute all at the start of a game as every good lol player should. Didn't type anything bad, not that it would matter anyways since this is ban for trolling. To give you context, my teammates were harassing me from the start of the game (probably some premades since 4 of the enemy players are teammates). After muting them because of the flame, i walked into lane, where my support started farming my lane immediately. Next thing I see my jax got first blooded. I figured, It is a normal game, enemy are 4 premades and if I am soloQ then the rest of my team are also premades. My support wanted to farm and top lost pretty hard i would say if you get killed by maokai at lvl 1. So. I decided i would swap with my jax. I would have easier time farming vs maokai anyways and they can be in a lane together. And he lost top anyways so what is the point of him feeding his ass of (what he did anyways) and me suffering my lane when i can just farm for late on top. So i got there, he wasn't very excited about that but at that point I knew I was doing the best thing I could for this game to win. I don't play bot, he clearly couldn't play top so I would just farm there. I was top with him for a few waves, maybe 2 or 3 and then he finally let me be. Another point one might consider trolling was not die while we were top together. We were underleveled. Both of us. He saw enemy jungler coming to help maokai since he was 1v2 at this point. And jax engaged a fight we had 0 chance of winning. We would either kill one and both die wasting our every sum. Or i would do nothing and just let him die, not waste my summoner spells and not give them more gold. In my mind, minding my own business was clearly the best thing to do, since i already figured this jax wanted to feed or was just bad player. After that the game was pretty much a wrap. My entire team lost the whole map, I was getting dove my thornmail rush ignite 2/0 maokai and we lost as quickly as possible. I talked to the staff and issued ticked. I got told off by some support chick that my suspension was correct, then by somebody else who told me the same thing. But none of them explained to me why I got banned in the first place. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for your time.
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