Riot your game is truly a big fat joke!!!!!! Your automated bansystem ONLY ban peopel fro flaming but NOT the reason behind it!! youre allowign intent feeders and trolls cont play with 0 punishemt BUT dare you if you get mad and say something in chat!!! Just hade a jinx who litteraly hardtrolled and fed bot, she then laughing about it and coems to my top and just runs into mundo (my lane) and fed him adswell. After she die she ulti into wall (no champs) there, then run back to my top and use heal with full hp and stand still infront of mundo and die again. He spamm laugh emote etc just to trigger me more, i try ff but ofc he vote no to annoy even more. I talk in all chat to make sure enemyteam report jinx but what happens? they report ME instead since theyre happy for a free win so i end up getign reports from enemyteam AND the jinx ofc and who get the bane? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you riot are the reason trolls exists in thsi game and will contiue do so aswell since youre punishing teh wrong peeopl!
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