14 days suspension for this????

Game 1 Pre-Game iaapvp: im mid idiot iaapvp: id iot niggger iaapvp: supernovas destroy ENTIRE galaxies iaapvp: blackholes are niggggers In-Game iaapvp: NIGGGERS TIBBERS iaapvp: %%%% ALL NIGGGERS SLAVES iaapvp: NIGGGERS SLAVES iaapvp: BLACK COLOR SKIN PEOPLE iaapvp: nice scripts iaapvp: nasus, yasuo is scripting/.hacking iaapvp: report him iaapvp: no one attacks? iaapvp: surrender iaapvp: enjoy 1vs9 iaapvp: uff? nothing to uff, i already told u sur iaapvp: 0/3 iaapvp: uff iaapvp: 2/6 iaapvp: nice rotation iaapvp: nice rotation says the 2/6 yi iaapvp: idk how some people do not just die irl iaapvp: u and yas reported u know that iaapvp: humm what mate iaapvp: i told u to sur at 15 iaapvp: just wasting time iaapvp: ur all complete rtards trust me iaapvp: waw so skilled iaapvp: waw so skilled iaapvp: gg ? iaapvp: most r%%%%%%ed gg
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