Permanently banned account for using scripts (?)

Hi, forehead. I write in such an unusual case. As for the perm ban imposed on my account due to the use of scripts, which de facto did not use. Only I run it in which it was MK Jogo year ago, and after these mass warnings removed the application from your computer. I had quite a long break from Lola, of course, no one in what I shall write will not believe, but it's true. I have not played a long time, since the end of the season and ex receiving a skin to Sivir, merely the rank of Silver 4/5. After a fairly long period I wanted to get back into the game, but it turned out well (laughs) I can not log in to my account (incorrect password / login). That was funny, passes I changed 2 times within two years, no one I gave the password or anything, so it surprised me a little. When I could not stick to this account I browsed them on the page, the progress of games, etc. no and to my surprise they were played the same rankedy, no aramów / standardization. 2 months ago I wrote a ticket to the Polish Support team to help you recover your account, they helped me, regained my account, I changed my email and password, he told the situation is not repeated and played. I played so-so these two months, until the end of the day one to my eyes appeared this here beautiful mail from Riotu [click]( The funny thing in all this is that my buddy got four hours before me perma but he Riot graciously took off since he started them dispose of truth that gives them hajs, and they banish and that it is clean, well then checked it and the account the distance , apologized. And I stubbornly do not want to give an account claiming that I played on scripts, when I could not log in to your account. Is not it strange that if I could not log into your account, it wrote an email, and some time later I got banned when this person as a suspect after a break-in at my account, was played rankedy in simple mode (meaning on scripts)? After all, if I had anything, any programs or third it would be stupid enough to ask Riot account recovery? And if I am clean I write this topic. I am surprised only that it has not been proven IP, the place from which the person was playing, nothing else probably that there any stories of the game, logs, etc. From what I know, it skrypterzy have several accounts previously boosted to 30 lvl, where if you lose one fly to the other. Am I playing the scripts, then recovering an account that supposedly was stolen from me, I would play on? Well, you must excuse my dear Riotters, but it's pretty ridiculous. I could cite the principle of the presumption of innocence but we will probably play in court cases only briefly write that "no one may be convicted or formally found guilty, while against him will not be carried out in accordance with the law Litigation" (the court is only within the framework of the formalities). So if you still will not let scripters, and ban people who have been wrongly prosecuted for minor offenses as MK Jogo then I wish you good luck in further activities. Not after this man spent on account of more than 2 years now to put up with higher "instance" to regain his "property," so to speak, or rather in this case, my precious time, for 2 years I built this account. A few skins, greater achievement, and as a reward I get a permanent ban for an act which did not even have committed. I English and Polish support denying that I HAD SCRIPTS, but they do not care that if I wrote a ticket to pay the account, and then get permban face how could it be me? Well excuse me, but once again ridiculous and pathetic move. Man then odechciewa completely to play, and I wanted to spend hajs on this game, play more, achieve more, no but this approach Riot to the player himself will not get far. Skrypterzy at liberty bots running around the Field of Justice and honest players are doomed to exile.e Thanks if anyone read it, for reading this poem about my ban. I am aware and I know that this will be settled against me as well but not here, it's nowhere.
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