When it comes to flame I'm a simple man

If my teammates flame, I get frustrated and reduce my focus and skill by 50% = loss most of times. if you congratulate me for plays like I say on chat to my teammates (gj!, nice one, nice escape, lol gj!) then I will play the greatest = more winning chances. Who feels the same like I do? Edit: Ty for all positive comments :D I wish my teammates where half as friendly as you are After 2 wins with "positiveness" I enter a third game where my toplaner has ignite... I didn't say a word but instantly the other 3 players flammed and cursed on all chat "open mid, easy gg, low elo, ignite top troll" That was the "click" for a flame war >.< And now here I am reading your comments to forget this game #Be Positive Edit2: It seems another toxic game just popped up today. From the very start lee towerdives at level 2 then flames whole team for his death. Followed by him going afk and returning with a bot program (he followed minion waves the rest of the game without using spells) Fine... I reported him at end of game, but what made me more angry than lee trolling was the enemy Graves just laughting and cursing our team for how easy the game was and how we all sucked hard! "Why you doing this graves? you have my report..." I said, which I shouldn't have said I was to report him btw he replies "You mad? 10/10 you mad, you must be having a hard day, tilted boy" well... some people just love to see the world burn and others sad... my question is why?

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