Sup ya`ll!

I have had an entire month of a clown fiesta games over and over and over and i`m kind of fed up with this new system and shit,i just wanna say that i quit this game,there`s no joy in the game anymore as it used to,so many people left this community and not just random people like me,huge people who made and builded history on the back of Riot,they made them famous,SivHD one of them,one of my fav player in this entire community of league players but never mind he quit too,i`m sick of having to adapt to all the freaks out there in the solo queue,i will never ever touch this game anymore in my life,i had fun back in season 4 and 5 but things look different now,people are mean,beside the fact that they suck at the game they go 0/10 and if you tell them anything you are the one that is going to be banned for actually explaining him what his spells do,it`s just to much for a month for me so hell with this game and with this useless shity concept that Riot has made.F it,i`m out,peace!
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