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So I just finished a game with an Annie support player who went a supp item of spellthieft's edge attacking minions of low hp with his q and racing me to get more low hp cs , I typed "what's wrong with you" he replied and I quote " you should share your cs , you would know that if you have any clue about the game " . that came from a low plat support main btw now I get that the face of the mountain can share gold with your ADC , but spellthieft gain more gold if you can poke enemy champions , or am I missing something here ? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} not to mention his extreme toxic behavior , I just muted him and reported him post game , but I do wanna know if I was on the wrong about "sharing" cs with the support who went spellthieft's and racing to take the cs from the adc while both in lane .
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