How am i suposed to climb if i have teammate like that ?

I started ranked game and in the first 20sec. in the select my teammate wrote that he is going to troll and he will leave the game... we asked him why he just said he is going to troll and sent us some anonymous link he said now i will report you for spaming and sending virus links... we though that he wont actually troll and that is some kind of joke but no he actually did troll the whole game he was dying on purpose not even trying to play good he did that from idk what reason but he threw our game just like that for no reason... 3 other teammates and me was forced to lose because of him... and how are we suposed to climb in divisions? After that game my wr droped and i lost several games in a row and i might even get demoted soon if i keep matching with players like that... And after game like that i dont rly have any wish to play more because i got pissed and that is terrible because playing with teammates like that is killing my will and hope to play and climb in game...
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