14 Days Ban

Hello, I really don't know how to start this, I'm the player who has 10+ Perma-Banned accounts and I'm not proud of that at all After my 7th Banned account, I realize the problem was legit me and only me But 8+ Banned account I start to realize there is not only me the problem, but there are also 3 things more what don't include me: 1. Rank System 2. AFK System 3. Beeing Toxic *Rank System: I'm toplaner Silver 3 whit 49-51% WR [Silver 1 80LP was maxed rank I got this season ] Almost ever 2 games, I have in my game players who are the bronze 1-3 whit 48-51% WR sometimes I got midlaner who is Bronze 3 whit 31-35% WR I ask riot supporter to tell me what happened there why I got bronze players in Silver 3+ ELO They told me how that Bronze player has "good MMR" and that the reason why I have them in my team Then I try to explain to them "that Bronze" players I got [minimum one in-game, sometimes 2] legit but will repeat legit solo lose my game, in the 5th-minute game going 0 3 0 and in 40% times go AFK I told them that bronze players what I got in 60% times have below 50% WR As usually they start answering some %%%%%%ed things and say how that is not their job and I need to come here to talk about that *AFK System: I'm the player who tilts very easy and when I won 2 vs 1 lane as Yasuo vs Renekton+Seju and my botlane go 0 5 0 in a 7-minute game I really can't play that game and I leave it I know that is not OK at all but I do it and there is the problem Let's say I play 20 games and after that, I have the right to go one afk game, and I do it when someone in my team has promo game, or I just leave cuz I lose 1v1 lane and blame my team for that I do that thing sometimes [really rare] but I do it and I'm not happy about that But this happened to me in 5 games ones to have a player who goes AFK or just go and farm jng/side lanes [doing nothing] till we don't lose So I wanna say here there must be big different between AFK vs internet, technical problems Beeing Toxic: As I say it I have around 10 Banned Account, one more I'm not proud of that I ask 10000 times Riot supporters "If someone is toxic why just that player don't mute me and he and whit me for that game, but no, he will provocate me to fame him more and after that report me for being toxic In 80% of my chat restricts/14 Days Ban/Perma Ban I never ever start 1st to flame player whit "no reason" I ask, let's say my 0 5 0 botlane in the 4th-minute game to play defense and they told me no we will not or STFU you are suck I ask my jng to gank me cuz I obviously play 2v1 sometime 3v1 lane, they will answer in 80% of the time "no I will not gank you lane XD" or I don't give a %%%% for you" even if I don't say that game any bad word full game So let's take the conclusion about all what I say it: I will play every 2nd game whit 2 bronze in my team who are 0 5 0 in the 7-minute game [sometimes go AFK ] they fame me/provocate me, dont wanna gank my lane, feed my lane and after that game report me and my job there is to "STAY COOL" , sure buddy can you try to say cool every 2nd game when you lose that game in 5th minute game and you play that game 30 minutes more cuz your 4 15 3 bot lane don't wanna ff [I don't found my free time on road] So I'm not perfect but can anyone of you who will read this stay cool in this situation every 2 or 3 game Sorry for my bad English ...good day to all {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}}
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